Denimsmith Diaries: The eco-friendly denim

In the initial design phases of our collaboration with Vege Threads, we were very excited to learn of an eco-friendly denim that had not yet been used in Australia.


The synergism of technology and online shopping has brought the world and fashion together beyonds the reaches of the internet. However, as far as we’ve come with technology, there is still one issue that stops...
#NorthsideStory: Anastasia La Fey

#NorthsideStory: Anastasia La Fey

This year we were fortunate to be involved with Melbourne fashion week 'Fashion capsules' exhibition. This exhibit showcases customised standard issue denims by creative artists including painters, sculptors, weavers, photographers and costume makers. Artist Anastasia...

Denimsmith Diaries: How we make our jeans

Approximately ten sets of hands and hearts enrich every Denimsmith jean. Each one of our jeans is born in our Studio by our skilled team, who sketch out designs and select the materials.  As the...

#NorthsideStory: Frances Cannon

Creating ink, gouache and watercolour drawings and paintings near our Studio + Factory + Store in Brunswick East, Frances is well known for her simple yet nuanced style of black and white illustration and is...
Jo Lorenz

#NorthsideStory: Jo Lorenz

From moderating Fashion Revolution events to co-founding Climate Briefings with her husband and recently launching Conscious Citizen, Creative Director and published author, Jo works with sustainability pioneers in the global fashion and lifestyle industries to...
#NorthsideStory: Kelly Thompson

#NorthsideStory: Kelly Thompson

After leaving NZ to travel in 2010, Melbourne was always the place Kelly and her husband had their eye on.  Now very much settled, Kelly is a creative consultant, multi-disciplinary designer, illustrator, public speaker, and...
Denimsmith Diaries: Repair and Re-wear

Denimsmith Diaries: Repair and Re-wear

Committed to the ethical production of timeless high quality denim clothing, we want to ensure your Denimsmith items last a lifetime.  Which is why we created our 'repair and re-wear' service.
Anna Merrett

#NorthsideStory: Anna Merrett

Originally from Swan Hill, university studies drew Anna to Melbourne and she's never looked back. Professionally, Anna was a massage therapist before registering as an Osteopath in 2003. Along with her husband, weekend home chef...