Denimsmith Diaries: How we make our jeans


Approximately ten sets of hands and hearts enrich every Denimsmith jean.

Each one of our jeans is born in our Studio by our skilled team, who sketch out designs and select the materials.  As the last denim fabric mill in Australia shut down over 10 years ago, our materials are either sourced from local dead stock, or from one of our ethically accredited offshore mills.

Once the designs are finalised our pattern makers bring them to life, ensuring each item has the perfect fit. The patterns then travel from our Studio to our in-house Factory, into the hands of our Master Jean Maker, Vinh, who does the chalking and cutting, in preparation for the sewing, pockets, buttons, rivets, labels and washing.

When we're creating new items, such as our seasonal fashion pieces, it's a very collaborative process, to ensure every element is perfected before it goes into production and then into our retail and online stores, for our customers to purchase and love as much as we do.

With over three decades of denim expertise enriching each of our items, and each of our makers skilled in creating a complete garment from start to finish, visit our Studio + Factory + Store in Brunswick East to see our makers at work.