#NorthsideStory: Kelly Thompson

#NorthsideStory: Kelly Thompson

After leaving NZ to travel in 2010, Melbourne was always the place Kelly and her husband had their eye on.  Now very much settled, Kelly is a creative consultant, multi-disciplinary designer, illustrator, public speaker, and founder of Maker’s Mrkt.

From shooting our Spring/Summer 2018 Collection in Kelly's gorgeous home to admiring all that she continues to achieve, there's no denying we love catching up with her every time she drops in for a visit.  When Kelly last visited our Studio + Factory + Store in Brunswick East, we discussed everything from her favourite Melbourne hangouts to her passions and style, here’s what she had to say…


If you could pick just three words that describe you, what would they be?

Colourful, accessorised, enthusiastic.


What are you most passionate about?

Growing things, both literally and figuratively. I love to sprout ideas (and plants!) and make things grow. I am really passionate about the creative community - supporting it and doing my bit to strengthen it. I want to be a positive contributor, sharing my knowledge and doing what I can to help young creatives and my peers.


Why is Melbourne home?

Originally Melbourne became my home because I had a show here in 2009 and was overwhelmed by the support and positivity of the community, I just wanted to come back straight away. When my husband and I chose to leave NZ in 2010 we decided we would come to Melbourne after travelling if we didn’t decide on another place we should go while abroad. Now we are pretty settled in here, while I can technically work from anywhere, Christian has two restaurants, Embla and Lesa in the city so we won’t be leaving anytime soon.

What are your favourite Melbourne hangouts?

The parks! I love how there are so many reserved green spaces here and the parklands around Ivanhoe where I live.

I love heading to Embla for a wine, Takeaway Pizza in Preston, drooling at the vintage at Smith St Bazaar, drinks and snacks with good music at Wolf & Swill in Thornbury.


How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe it as playful and feminine; it is different every day, but always with care, intention and experimentation.


What is the one Denimsmith item you can’t live without and why?

The (high waisted) jeans! Denimsmith jeans are the best at fitting right into a waist and still allowing for hips, I’ve never had a waist fit so well!


What does your perfect day entail?

Hmmm, if I had to make something up:

Having a lazy morning with brunch, getting away from technology, relaxing at a beach house with views of the ocean and reading a book or a magazine in the sunshine...with snacks! Having mid-afternoon wines in the sun with oysters, going for a walk, watching a movie… just a big relaxing day!


What is your favourite saying, song, or motto in which you live by?

I hate inspirational and aspirational quotes or lines more than anyone... I just like to be friendly, be nice, be on time and give everything a try.

To see what Kelly gets up to next, follow her on Instagram and Facebook. To shop small and support independent Makers and Designers, visit Maker’s Mrkt.