The synergism of technology and online shopping has brought the world and fashion together beyonds the reaches of the internet. However, as far as we’ve come with technology, there is still one issue that stops people from feeling confident when buying clothes online.

Garment fit is difficult to show visually. Even with detailed imagery, sizing charts and fabrication. Because of this, people either avoid shopping online or face the frustrating processes of returning their ill-fitted purchases. Especially with garments such as denim. 

To tackle this problem head on, we have partnered with ZILIO. An AI-driven virtual fitting room solution, allowing customers to create 3D avatars using their own bodies with modern smartphone cameras and virtually trying on clothes to find the perfect fitting size.

Anthony (CEO of ZILIO) opened up the discussion to address these issues. In a recent interview with Hanh from Denimsmith, they talked about online shopping and what this exciting new partnership and technology would look like. 


Anthony: The Denimsmith brand is pretty one-of-a-kind. You’re unique in a way where the way you guys work with denim has become a bit of an art form in this industry. How did you come up with Denimsmith, and how did it all start?

Hanh: Well Denimsmith is actually a family-run business, so dad came up with the idea. He wanted to highlight the skills of our Australian makers and designers and showcase the kind of service he had already been providing on a business-to-business level but direct to customers instead. Being a denim manufacturer himself, he understood the importance of how well a garment should be made and what people valued when it came to quality, especially being Australian made. That was why Denimsmith was created in 2015.


Q: You guys have had a solid run so far, and it’s only just the beginning. You founded the company in 2015, and since then, you’ve been titled as one of Australia’s leading denim brands. The Denimsmith story itself has been shared around the media a tonne of times. And most of all, your customers absolutely adore you guys. What’s the journey been like for you so far?

To be honest, it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. There have been loads of difficulties but also huge triumphs. Not many brands expose themselves to opening up their factory space to the public and launching a denim brand because it’s really hard. However, we’re blessed to have such wonderful people who love what we do. 


Q: Now, online shopping. It’s definitely a blessing, but sometimes it can be a bit of a curse. On one hand, it can make life super convenient and easy. On the other hand, no one has any idea on how things will fit and it drives people mental. How have you guys found selling Denimsmith online so far, especially with the jeans?

Denim jeans in general, are one of the hardest garments to fit. It’s similar to going shopping for swimwear or undergarments. It requires a lot of fit and fabric knowledge that is difficult to translate online. This is why most people come into our stores to get fitted instead. Some customers, on occasion, have even flown directly into Melbourne specifically to get fitted by us in-store. We also receive emails and calls [about garment sizing and fit], which can be lengthy in correspondence, which isn’t ideal for anyone. But everyone is so patient and kind. So we are always wanting to do better.


Q: With so much uncertainty around garment sizing and fit from your customers, have you ever thought about partnering with a sizing solution before to tackle this problem and what made you choose ZILIO to partner with?

To be honest, we didn’t think about it too much when the brand was younger, but as we have grown, so has our audience. On top of that, the sizing charts we have today just aren’t up to scratch and are in need of an overhaul. 

With ZILIO offering its [virtual fitting room] technology and solution, it’s just a really good chance for the brands to catch up. With online shopping really shifting the way we consume as well, this technology makes things easier and a better experience overall. Also, from a business perspective, it helps create trust with customers by bridging the gap of garment fit online, and it also reduces our carbon footprint with unnecessary returns and exchanges. 


Online shopping has the ability to connect people with fashion from all across the world. Unfortunately, barriers such as the confusion around garment sizing and fit prevent online shopping to reach its full potential. With technology in fashion moving fast like ZILIO’s, Denimsmith is excited to play its part in destroying these barriers and moving eCommerce towards the way of the future.We encourage you to check out the collaboration. Look for our tab called ‘VIRTUAL TRY ON COLLECTION’ and give us your thoughts on the technology.


DENIMSMITH DIARIES: from denimsmith_eastbrunswick on Vimeo.