Denimsmith Diaries: The eco-friendly denim


In the initial design phases of our collaboration with Vege Threads, we were very excited to learn of an eco-friendly denim that had not yet been used in Australia.  After learning more about it and receiving samples from our denim mill, it was clear this eco-friendly denim was the perfect material for our signature collection with Vege Threads.

The collaborative denim is made with eco-friendly materials, a combination of organic cotton and post-consumer recycled polyester from plastic bottles.
Our denim mill, who created our collaborative eco-friendly denim, is also the only one in the world that has been awarded with Ecolabel, an award that celebrates their fulfillment of requirements for sustainable fibres, chemical use, and focus on social and environmental impacts.

Using organic fibres ensures that we are sourcing a cotton that is causing less impact to farmland and top soil, while also ensuring farmers wellbeing and premium.  While the recycled nylon is an innovative new fabric created from discarded plastics, helping to lower plastic waste in landfill.
In collaboration with Vege Threads, we have loved working with this eco-friendly fabric to provide you with a limited signature collection in the Boiler Jumpsuit, Gaucho Pant and Mabel Jean, suiting all body shapes with comfort, style and ease.
And like all our items, each piece comes from the hands and hearts of our Melbourne makers, who enrich over two decades of denim expertise into every piece.