#NorthsideStory: Frances Cannon


Creating ink, gouache and watercolour drawings and paintings near our Studio + Factory + Store in Brunswick East, Frances is well known for her simple yet nuanced style of black and white illustration and is also a co-founder of Pink Ember Studio.

As we continually draw inspiration from local artists, when we heard Frances fell in love with our Denimsmith x Vege Threads BOILER Jumpsuit, we chatted to her about everything from her favourite Melbourne hangouts to her passions and style, here’s what she had to say…


If you could pick just three words that describe you, what would they be?

Creative, Virgo, Flawed.


What are you most passionate about?

Speaking out about feminism and LGBTQIA+ rights.


Why is Melbourne home?

I moved around a lot my whole life, but I’ve been in Coburg for two years and it’s the most home I’ve felt in a long time. My friends are here, my dog is here, and the opportunities I need to flourish in my career are here. I think I’ll be here for a while!


What are your favourite Melbourne hangouts?

Pink Ember Studio (the studio space and retail shop that I set up with my artist friends), Half Moon Cafe for the best falafel in Melbourne, and Tinning Street Gallery for its incredible exhibitions.


How would you describe your personal style?

Comfy, casual, colourful, ethical and gay.


What is the one Denimsmith item you can’t live without?

The Denimsmith x Vege Threads BOILER Jumpsuit.


What does your perfect day entail?

Coffee in bed beside my window watching the world wake up, lots of drawing, cooking a delicious meal and watching some trash TV with my housemates.


What is your favourite saying, song, or motto in which you live by?

Be kind.


To see what Frances gets up to next, follow her on Instagram or go to her website.  To view her artwork, visit her online shop.