#NorthsideStory: Jazz Party

#NorthsideStory: Jazz Party

Led by former saxophonist of Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes, Darcy McNulty, and supreme diva and ex-Rackette, Loretta Miller, Jazz Party are an inimitable force.  From award-winning producer, Steven Schram, their debut album 'Monday Night' was recorded live and blends epic horn sections and manic keys with soulful melodies and heartbreaking vocals.

When Loretta, Lachlan and Jules visited our Studio + Factory + Store in Brunswick East ahead of their gig at the Brunswick Music Festival, we took the opportunity to discuss everything from their favourite Brunswick hangouts to their perfect day, and of course all things music. Here’s what they had to say…


What are you most passionate about?

Music, food, denim and friends.


Why is Melbourne home?

Loretta - Melbourne is clearly the best for art and music.
Jules - Haven't got a better offer :)
Lachlan - Brisbane couldn't handle all this!


What are your favourite Brunswick hangouts?

Los Hermanos, Brunswick Bound, Brian Campeu's house, Union Hotel, Gurkhas, the sauna at Brunswick Baths, Ray Cafe, Kines Cafe.


What is the best gig you’ve been to?

Tinariwen at WOMAD, Loretta also loved Ruby Jones at Rooks Return.


What gigs will you be checking out at this year’s Brunswick Music Festival?

Music for the Mob, Deep Fried Disco and the Masquerade Ball is looking crazy!


What Denimsmith items will you be wearing at the Brunswick Music Festival?

Loretta - The MARCELLA Jacket in Bleached Indigo, ALANA Jean in Black and LUCIA Jean in Overdye Black.
Lachlan - The BAUER T in White, MARCO Shirt in Mid Indigo and JAX Jean in Nero.
Jules - The NIXON Shirt in Charcoal and OLIVER Short in Black.


What does your perfect day entail?

Loretta - Good food, good drinks and good dancing.
Jules - Going to the Brunno St Festival in my Denimsmith shorts.
Lachlan - Having a nice warm bath, then a Negroni in my Denimsmith Canadian Tuxedo.


What is your favourite saying, song, or motto in which you live by?
Jules - Enjoy the coffee you have.
Lachlan - Shampoo for my real friends, real poo for my sham friends.
Loretta - 'This too shall pass' has been coming in handy a lot!
We all love Marvin Gaye's 'Got to Give it Up' (part 1).


As part of the Brunswick Music Festival, Jazz Party will be playing at the Masquerade Ball on Saturday 16th March.  To find out more and to purchase your tickets, visit Brunswick Music Festival.

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