#NorthsideStory: Alice Skye

Alice Skye

Singer-songwriter, Wergaia woman and universal little sister, Alice Skye has transformed her once bedroom scribblings into well-crafted lyrics on love, loss and life which sparkle with a sensitivity and maturity well beyond her years.

When Alice visited our Studio + Factory + Store in Brunswick East ahead of her gig at the Brunswick Music Festival, we took the opportunity to discuss everything from her passions to her perfect day, and of course all things music. Here’s what she had to say…
Alice Skye
What are you most passionate about?

I think I'm still getting to know myself and what I'm about - but the constants in my life are music and my community.


Why is Melbourne home?

Growing up in country Victoria, Melbourne always seemed like the goal.  I dreamt about moving here and now I live here!


What are your favourite Brunswick hangouts?

I usually end up at Savers or Green Refectory.


What is the best gig you’ve been to and why?

Best is hard!  But one of the first gigs I went to was Regina Spektor and I left thinking that I wanted to be able to do what she was doing.


What gigs will you be checking out at this year’s Brunswick Music Festival?

It's such an awesome line up to be in.  I'm really keen to catch Dispossessed and Snail Mail.


What Denimsmith items will you be wearing at the Brunswick Music Festival?

The EILEEN Jacket in Mid Indigo and LUCIA Jean in Light Indigo.


What does your perfect day entail?

A perfect day would be back in the country, being home alone and having the upright piano to myself.


What is your favourite saying, song, or motto in which you live by?

I don't really have one, but I've been listening to Lucy Dacus a lot lately and love this lyric - "You don't wanna be a leader, doesn't mean you don't know the way.  Hold your own hand, walk on without a plan." - The Shell

As part of the Brunswick Music Festival, Alice will be playing on Sunday 17th March.  To find out more, visit Brunswick Music Festival.

To see what Alice gets up to, follow her on Facebook and Spotify.