Meet Emma – Denimsmith’s passionate retail assistant.

Today we introduce you to Emma, you will find her friendly face at our Gertrude St store. Emma’s important role connecting our creative’s directly with our customers.



When did you know you were destined for the Rag trade?
I learnt my Nanna in Malta used to be the town’s tailor so maybe it was in my blood. I have always being crafty, at an early age I made my first garment a lined kimono jacket with no pattern making training. I enjoyed the garment making process and decided to further my studies at RMIT studying fashion design.

When did your passion for clothes begin?
In my teens I used my clothes as a way to express myself. I use to love op shopping and getting the craziest prints I could find. My style has changed since then, my wardrobe has minimalized, I buy less and am more practical in my fashion sense.

What are the advantages in working for a smaller emerging brand?
At Denimsmith I get to view the conception right through to finished product. I see all that goes on behind the scenes at our factory and with my knowledge in how things are made, means our customers are at an advantage as I can give first hand knowledge.

How important was it for you to work with an Ethical minded brand?
Do you think consumers will continue to have interest in Ethical and sustainable made products?
Coming from a progressive degree in textiles and fashion I have learnt a great deal in the importance of upholding ethical practices. Denimsmith’s factory is ethically accredited and local production appealed to me. I see it as a continuing interest for consumers too.

Some of your time is spent in our manufacturing factory in East Brunswick what are two processes you were surprised about in jean making?
How specialized the jean making process is from the number of different machines used to the technical aspect of washing . Making sure the final fit and design is right takes a lot of experience across all processes, so seeing it come to life is very special.

What does ‘Good service’ mean to you?
Good service for me means the customer walks out feeling satisfied, listened to and just given honest advice and have a genuine understanding of the product.


What is life like for you outside of Denimsmith?
I have my own business called ‘FIXU Alterations’, where I alter and make clothing for clients. When I am outside of my home studio I love adventure getting away in nature, keeping active and trying new things whether it’s food or travel.

You started your FIXU business at a very young age. Where did the entrepreneurial skills come from?
I was always making or fixing clothes while studying fashion design at uni. I knew I wanted to create a sustainable business with positive impact – reviving, remaking and keeping clothing longer. I launched FIXU Alterations website with the help of my brothers and jumped on social media. I always wanted to start something of my own but I wasn’t always the entrepreneurial type. I grew up pretty independent with a strong will from a young age and learnt building a business was more about your attitude and approach more than any entrepreneurial skills you learnt in a classroom.


What do you love most about living in Melbourne?
I have spent time travelling overseas but Melbourne always feels home with it’s culture, great food, crazy weather and simply I have had too many good memories here!

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